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The Wednesday Morning Daily 7 Links

Headed to DC today for a little White House Trip.  My 10 year old daughter is at the perfect age to take it all in and we were lucky enough to get a few private tours set up for us so off we go for a few days.  You can’t just drop in the White House anymore.  You have to make a bunch of promises to get in.  You don’t necessarily have to keep them, you just have to be sincere when you make them.  Now on to the links

Just to remind everyone I have the cheapest advertising in domaining at only $15 a month……ok NOW onto the links

Neil Patrick Harris is having a little trouble getting used to Twitter

6 Ways Local domains crush dot Coms in International SEO

I think this guy got through to the AT&T person wins an award for the worst written article ever on a domain name fight.

What happens when you bring an ancient Mac to a Genius bar at the Apple Store

How ironic. The Pirate Bay was pirated

I just added a twitter button and Bruce had a great post last night on which Twitter Tools you can use

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