My Top Ten Quotes Regarding the New .Brand Tlds: I Think These About Sum it Up

Jun 21 2011

There have been plenty of talk about the new tlds, probably to the point there’s nothing left to say.  Here are a few of my favorite comments, responses, and statements over the last few days.  And yes,  I’m done talking about it for a while.

1. “Remember who got rich during the gold rush? It was the pick and shovel makers. The gold will always be in the ground. It’s called .com”    Ryan Colby

2. “One things for sure, these auctions for the new .whatevers are going to cream in a fortune for ICANN.”  Gazzip

3. “We have provided a platform for the next generation of creativity and inspiration”   Peter Dengate Thrush, chairman of ICANN’s Board of Directors

4. “Vanity has and will run amok”  DomainConsultant

5. “Singular or plural, a $185K difference from my understanding in .game or .games, .app or .apps, .kid or .kids, .sport or .sports”   Jamie at Dotweekly

6. ” If .brand TLDs work, the incumbents will win”   Andrew Allemann

7. ” There is no need for countless new TLDs. ICANN has come up with a solution for a “problem” that doesn’t exist” Ron Jackson

8. ” We’re advising people to buy their brands, park them and redirect visitors to their existing site, at the very least”  Theo Hnarakis, chief executive of Australian domain name-registration firm Melbourne IT DBS

9. “The way things are now, technically anyone can buy a dot-com domain to imply a relationship with a brand”  Ben Crawford, CEO of dotbrand Solutions  (Yup, everyone has $185,000, ohhhhh “technically”)

10. “I’m tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, wear Reebok”  Shaquille O’Neil

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  1. Abid

    Shaquille got tired of money?! Yeah, i would too. Hey Shaq, let me sell few thousands of premium domain names then i will join your game & pepsi 😀

    OK, enough kidding. Remember what .com was planed for? For commercial use and companies. So it’s the same game with .domainrush, it’s going to be expensive while big companies buy their .brand TLD then when they exhaust it, few years after it’s going to drop down so you could buy .whatever for $29.99 (or even $9.99 with some promo coupon)… This is just a another money game for “big dogs”… Well, who cares, we will always do the same thing = wait for another premium expired domain name 😀

  2. Jamie

    That about sums it up Shane! I like Ron’s quote but he forgot to include the fact that there will be a lot more “problems” with the approval of the new gTLD’s.

  3. jeez

    Guys it aint vanity it’s deregulation..

    Of course brands will get theirs. Of course that means dot-com loses the corporate sector. Not nearly the end of the story but illustrates the evolving web. When the world’s a click away there’s no point thinking walls will hold.

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