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Radio Stations Already Talking About .Radio According to this Email I Received

Most people I talk to realize I am heavily invested in domain names so as soon as the news came out about the new tlds I started receiving emails.  This is one I was forwarded today from a large company that owns a bunch of radio and tv stations.  I’m not sure where the email originated but I know it was passed on to station managers and salesman……and then to me to see what I thought.  It looks like more than BRS Media s going to be interested in bidding for dot radio

How about your company name as a domain name?
Maybe “.CBS” or “.Cumulus”? In a real surprise, the ICANN body that’s the global arbiter of domain names signals that it’s ready to really open up the field, far more than we expected. ICANN’s been planning the next generation of names for the last decade, and now the L.A. Times says we could see “.coke” or “.nyc.” Or “.law” for attorneys or “.food” for restaurants. And it’s easy to imagine a radio company claiming both its own name and some of its key call letters. ICANN board chairman Peter Dengate Thrush predicts that “today’s decision will usher in a new Internet age.” Though the Times says the body is thinking about charging $185,000 for a new domain name – so on second thought, maybe there’s a “.cbs” – but not a “.KCBS.”

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  1. 185 Grand for the tld. MILLIONS in marketing & sales to get others to buy in…or MILLIONS getting people to recognize your unique tld “brand”.Not sure this is gonna be the “game changer” it’s being sold as.

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