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Oct 23 2015

Below is another look at a few developed sites on the new gTLDs. Screenshots are linked to the sites if you’d like to check them out for yourself.

As a domainer, I must admit I don’t love what’s left of the dot, as “3rd way” doesn’t pass the radio test, and they don’t own

For better or worse, many people behind developed sites assume people will find them if they develop a cool enough site or product/service, and in many cases that is true. That also appears to be the case here, as this site already has an Alexa rank near 115,000.

The service that is under development at is a 404 solution, and their goal is to help 404 traffic get “to his destination and earn additional revenue”. “Our goal is to help bigger networks and our partners to make use of the otherwise lost traffic. That leads not only to more efficient websites but also improves the usability and generates revenue through current campaingns. At the moment we’re working with big player of the affiliate economy like Crobo, ad2games and SevenGames and maintain a portfolio of games world wide.”

Despite my earlier comments, the owners clearly know a little something about domains, as they also control the excellent

3rd way click

Similar to last week, this company/product name spans the dot.

They have, but these domains don’t resolve and the owners need to get them forwarded to their .diet domain.

They describe their product as follows, “The BioNutrient Diet is a revolutionary and affordable 52-¬week nutrition and lifestyle program that helps you lose weight, keep it off, and live a healthier, happier life. The BioNutrient Diet begins with a free in-office consultation at your local chiropractor or BioNutrient Diet provider, which allows the program to be completely customized to fit your specific needs and goals for maximized health, wellness, and weight loss.”

bionutrient diet

This new gTLD isn’t being used for a brand new site; instead, it’s the Spanish language version of the English language site.

According to, has been developed since November of last year, but the .juegos version came later, as the domain was just registered in March of this year by the same Barcelona-based owner.

The developed site fits with the juegos (games) theme, “A game for couples that is about creating happy moments together that turn into unforgettable memories. Get lost in love (all over again) with HappyWeek magic!”

happy week juegos

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