Domain Spotlight:

Below is another look at a few developed sites on the new gTLDs. Screenshots are linked to the sites if you’d like to check them out for yourself.


What better name for this California-based company that focuses on sunflowers.

The company picked up the domain through the Uniregistry Pioneers Program last year, and they said in part,

“When the .flowers extension first launched on the market, we jumped at the chance to partner with Uniregistry to create the most simple and meaningful domain name for our expertise: Our online brand is important to us and there is no better name that speaks to the core of our business.”

This is an additional site for the company at, which was established in 1988. They said they shipped over 900,000 bouquets of flowers in the two weeks prior to Mother’s Day in 2010, and they currently supply sunflowers to over 10,000 stores in the U.S.

They also own a bunch of additional, related new G’s, such as BuySun.Flowers, Sunflowers.Gift, GetSunflower.Tips, and several more.


Rise is a rebrand from Leaderboarded, and they used to reside at A gamification company,

Raise everyone’s game with rich, relevant and regular feedback with your own scorekeeping service.”

“The platform makes it easy for you to enter or import or fetch data for your players and metrics, create rules for scores and then display the results on many channels including the Rise website, your own website, large screen TVs and displays, etc. It also allows you to engage in conversations with your players via multiple channels such as email and Twitter.”


This domain is a change from, and it’s an e-learning company which was founded in 2008.

“Technology fans and experts who create, host and publish how to guides and training courses covering mobile technology, computers and software.”

“Our speciality is simplifying technology through training and video tutorials. Our experts are true experts who sleep eat and breathe the technology they are training, not text book readers.”

“Our mission is to simplify 1 million devices and software making technology more accessible to everyone of all ages both young and old.”

Domain Spotlight: