Where New Internet Users Will Come From, and How They’re Accessing the Web

Jun 04 2014

I enjoy flipping through Kleiner Perkins’ annual internet trends report, and they released their 2014 version last week.

This year’s report covers topics like internet growth, online video, opportunities in healthcare and education, data mining, and much, much more.

Of the 164 slides, a couple that stuck out to me were charts showing where future internet users will come from, and the mobile devices they’re increasingly using. Some of the numbers are staggering.

The first slide below shows 618 million internet users coming from China, compared to 263 million from the U.S. China’s user growth rate is “only” 10%, but that’s still 50+ million additional users per year.

kpcb slide 155
The next side shows India’s user base at 154 million. This is only 13% penetration of the overall population, but they’re growing at a nearly 30% clip each year.

kpcb slide 156

How are people accessing the internet? Increasingly via their mobile devices. For the world as a whole, 25% of web usage was done via mobile devices. In more developing regions such as Asia and Africa, where there are fewer computers, nearly 40% of internet usage is done via mobile devices.

kpcb slide 9

There are plenty more statistics packed into the report, and you can check out the full presentation below.

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