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New Tlds Galore: Here’s the List of Publicly Acknowledged Applicants, But Who Will Succeed?

“Dot com Killer” “Completely Change The Internet” “Cyber Criminal’s Dream” .  Words all spoken about the new tlds.  My feeling is that most will may no impact to the daily lives of anyone on the internet.  Many will be merely collectibles that were purchased because it gives the owner a personalized brand.  Others purchased with the intent and hope that hundreds of thosands of people will want their gtld.  I see success for some, most I do not.  Take a look at the pre announced brand (non geo) gtlds below.  Do you think any of them will show any long term success?  Are there any that you think are being missed that have opportunity?  I am am sure there are a few that I missed but after looking over the non geos below I just can’t see many of them having any more appeal that .travel or .name, two that have already been released.








.data  Wolfram Alpha 


.Eco  Two applicants   and




.Game CentralRegistrySolutions dotGAME TLD

.Gay  Two Applicants and












.Music  Two applicants and



.Post dotPOST announcement






.Shop Two applicants and




.Sport and






.Vegas dotVEGAS in News

.Videos /

.Web Two Applicants  and




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20 Replies to “New Tlds Galore: Here’s the List of Publicly Acknowledged Applicants, But Who Will Succeed?”

  1. When you actually look at the whole list you can see how limited some of these are. Many apply to just one market segment and after some top keywords are taken the usability drops off a cliff.

    .web is the best IMO, I would reg some .web domains if the reg fees aren’t too high.

    .homes could have some real estate appeal, who wouldn’t want their

    .shop also has some potential, it’s clear and almost everyone shops for something online.

    .com holders shouldn’t be worried though, these will be mostly niche gtlds.

  2. The only ones who will succeed will be those who build tons of great and useful sites on these TLD’s and who spend tens of millions advertising, marketing and expertly branding them.

    But even then, the risks are enormous, on so many fronts, and we all know the really big rewards are going to go to the promoters and service providers.

    Good luck to these bold and daring domain entrepreneurs. However it goes it will certainly be an exciting adventure and fun to watch what happens in the years ahead.

  3. These are not going to make much impact at all.
    It’s the ones we don’t know about for obvious reasons, those willbe intresting.

    But will have to wait till may before ICANN releases more details about those applications.
    I expect there will one or two dark horse(s) that will suprise everyone and anyone.

  4. Some are not interested in domainers and thus domainers fail to see value.

    Something like .mls may have a significant negative impact on certain “niche” markets that domainers like to haunt. Will it work? Not sure.. but MLS is a big enough term that doesn’t need much additional marketing cost – it can get tagged onto whatever agent/broker is already doing.

    The marketing costs are carried by an organization 1000’s strong.

    Just as an example.

  5. with all the talk of .nike, .apple, .pepsi…interesting to see no companies actually took the leap…pretty much only generics with the exception of .unicef

  6. oh, and .horse? give me a break.

    from their site… “Please support the Dot Horse Project and our efforts to create a safe, regulated internet community for everyone who loves horses.”

    are you kidding me?

  7. Just another gimmick for ICANN to make money. They should be abolished. The raised to domain fee again? For what? What have they done to benefit you except take more money. What a frigen scam.

  8. This is absurb, these domains are going to fall into the hands of data thiefs who are going to spam old grannies into giving of their bank info…

    These extensions are so limited, and is just going to lead to consumer confusion, agreed .web is the best of the bunch.

    This is going to be delayed into 2018 or something, no way big business let’s it go live anytime soon.

  9. This is going to get messy.

    There really is no need for these rubbish extensions. .NYC or .London fair enough buy .horse?

    Can’t wait for the promo material for .bank to come out “for a one off fee of 2000 you can make sure you brand is never squated on”. You know its coming.

    I read a comment by a laymen discussing the forthcoming new right of the dots saying “at least we will be able to get some good keywords” lol how little they know. Some domainers will make money by getting in and out quickly, some domainers will make money by advising companies that this is a good idea but the people who will make the most money are the lawyers.

    This solves a problem that doesn’t exist.

  10. It’s obvious to see that most of the applicants are companies founded for the sole purpose of grabbing that particular TLD. Lol .. This will be a huge (and expensive) failure..

  11. I am not much of a fan of this. But if I was to pick one, I’d say .app might have the most promise e.g. every mobile device app could have its own .app domain, with .app becoming like the internet’s app directory where any app could be searched for. Then again I’m sure Apple and Amazon would rather people continued to search and buy their mobile apps via their own app stores…

  12. The .com challenge has come and gone and we all know the results of that. Back in 2001 there were only 2 new TLD semi-success stories – .info and .biz because they were the first out of the gate. The .name, .mobi, .tel, .coop, etc. were ambitiously hyped up but sadly never hit their mark. The only other gTLD out of that 2001 round where I see any potential is .PRO but it needs to be better marketed and discussed in the SM sphere before we will see any significant blips.

    In terms of this new round, I see some of the GEOs succeeding using the same old .com approach, but what I know will really succeed are some of the yet to be announced “Domains as an Application” gTLDs that will really give us .commers a new and re-energized market place because these domains will do so much more than simply resolving to PPC pages or serving up spam.

  13. Non of these are going to a .com killer. That said, I believe .App and .Music could thrive if their registries are smart and the industries buy in.

  14. Some geo tlds will be successful if properly marketed, however, if you use the premise that if every person living in NYC or Vegas purchased a domain name it still would be miniscule to .com which should hit 100 million registered domain names within the next three weeks. As far as generics, if every horse owner registered their horse’s name and every jeweler registered their business, and every hotel registered their hotel name ……. well you get the idea.

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