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Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping From Around Da Net 1/17/12

It’s official.  I am not a physical freak of nature.  My triathlon and marathon times are from pure hard work and commitment.  I went to a lab yesterday to test my V02Max, balance, and body mass.  I had a mediocre (average for an endurance athlete, not an average person)  47 on my Vo2max but my bone density is in the top tenth of a percent.  I am solid as a rock. My legs were some of the highest ever recorded for a man over 40.  And of course I need to lose 20 pounds.  (get down from 185 to 165) It’s always good to take real test to see if what you think is reality.  There are certain things you are born with, and there are things that you can work hard and improve.  The important thing is to know which is which and strive to make the most of what you got to get to where you’re going.  Hopefully a few of these names will get you where your going in the domain world.  Reserve looks to be about $7500 which seems fair to me Great OpenTable type name.  Of course it’s past tense so maybe more of a review site  Dropday, watch out  At $11K and climbing  Ooya I like this one along with 38 other people 1995 Domain and overall a great game.  Still relevant after 17 years You know I love 4Ls that end in A.  Perfect for the word “Association” which so many groups seem to think they are.   I was looking for a new pair of skis last year but then realized I suck at skiing so I bought a new pair of shoes instead.  Spanish for Vagina  Everyone wants a free plan. Free landscape plan, free house plan.  Not sure why so many people expect free but they are always looking for it.  You will easily beat for the first page of Google

There are also a bunch of .pro domains at Godaddy but I don’t see any that particularly interest me.  Maybe you’ll see one you like


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6 Replies to “Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping From Around Da Net 1/17/12”

  1. “I need to lose 20 pounds.”

    Since I’ve met you in person and didn’t see any beer gut, I assume that statement above is for improved athletic/racing performance, vs the reason that the average American needs to lose 20?

    1. Aaron,

      It’s completely for competition purposes. I’m built to carry 190 lbs with me but if I can cut the body fat down to 8-10% I will be much much faster and less tired. Very hard to lose weight when you’re not overweight. I lost 50 pounds 8 years ago and it was very easy. Since then I’ve added 15 pounds of muscle. Funny but I could lose 10 instantly if I quit training. Muscle loss. All this and I’m still an age grouper. Like anything I do though, I want to be the best I can and try every angle to see if it makes any improvement. Swim lessons start tomorrow morning 🙂

  2. hi Shane – love the fitness post. i am a big fan of the teachings of Tim Ferris (The Four Hour Body). I too was not by any means overweight but have improved my fitness. July 2010 I set myself the goal of having the fitness I had when I was 25 when I turned 40 by my birthday November 2011 I had achieved that.

    My daily routines include a mixture of the following:
    Jump rope training
    TRX training
    Plyometric training

    The combination of all of the above seems to have worked for me. I also feel that having a goal helps massivly. I guess you have that by entering competitions?

    1. Iain,

      Goals are what drives a human to achieve. Some are more competitive than others but it helps to get out of the void of comparing yourself to yourself and get out there and compete against others. It will take you to the next level. That doesn’t apply to just fitness but everything. Competition makes you better.

  3. Shane,

    I’ve been lurking for a while and read your blog regularly. I recently started exercising and losing weight. Some just asked me to run a half marathon in 3 months. I googled for training plans but most results were crap. Any suggestions. FYI – I’ve never been much of an endurance guy but I was able to do a 5k this week without issue. Thanks!

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