No More Late “OutBid!” Emails If You Use Godaddy’s SMS Feature

Mar 19 2012

Paul Nicks was nice enough to chime in the other day and point out that Godaddy DOES offer SMS notifications for several different things including Outbid notices.  These will be received considerably faster than their emails and allow you to actually get back in the bidding.  The emails usually arrive AFTER the auction ended. I tested the SMS and it arrived 20 seconds after. Big difference

It’s a very simple process.  Simply log in to your Godaddy account and enter the “Auctions” section.  From there you enter the settings section as pointed out below


From there you will be taken to a screen that lets you enter your phone number and select what actions you would like to receive a SMS regarding.


No more setting your timer to remind you when an auction starts or ends.  The text will remind you of the following

  • A text an hour before an auction starts
  • When you’ve been outbid
  • An hour before an auction ends you are watching
  • When you receive an offer

The SMS is a very nice feature and could really be nice if it had the same options to be chosen individually per auction.  As many names as a watch, my phone would be ringing forever if I got a text for every one.  Being able to choose your alerts for individual auctions would be a nice added feature.  One step at a time.  It’s nice to see Godaddy keep improving their system on a monthly basis.  Keep up the good work Paul

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  1. Morgan

    Very cool! I’ve been using Go Daddy Auctions for years and never knew about the SMS notification option.

    The insanely late outbid notification emails have always driven me crazy. Thanks for sharing Shane!

  2. Richard

    Now if they can just have a mobile version of the auction site that would kick some serious ass. Come Nicks !

  3. Richard

    Thanks Paul Nicks. Just downloaded it. It’s kinda slow and clunky but better than nothing i guess. looking forward to new releases of this

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