Tuesday’s Big Little List of Domains at Auction,Dropping, or For Sale Around the Internet 3-20-12

Mar 20 2012

Good morning. I talk to a few other domain investors and we’re all in agreement lately. The sales and action in domain investing is certainly picking up. Good names coming for sale and more offers than this time last year. I personally am at 50% of last years’ profit and only through the first three months. I hope it continues. Now onto today’s names, nothing great today but always worth a glance.

HotHire.comI loved this domain until I found out you can’t/shouldn’t hire people based on their hotness. Now I only like it.

TheApp.com  Not AN app but THE app

MoviesOnTheNet.comFourteen years old and only $12 for this descriptive name

PNCC.comGreat typo for the people that love to bank online but have a lazy middle left finger. Solid letters regardless

R35.com  I love this car.  Actually not a real car but you can already see its possibilities.

BetterCheaper.com  These are the kinds of names I sell all the time. Great for a campaign or mantra.  Not going to get a ton but can be a great return

UnunsedBandwidth.com  The future includes selling unused or standby bandwidth and extra processing power.  Be the future

 PurpleStrawberry.com   I think people will remember this and its a cheap 12 year old domain

 aNob.com   A lot of meanings and called a few guys this in High School. It was wrong, I know.  Especially since I was spelling it wrong.

HSFN.com  Only 5 bidders for this pretty decent LLLL.com

MoveLess.com  Seems to be the motto of most of Americans judging by their weight.

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  1. Redspell

    Hi Shane,

    Thought I would just call back and say thanks for the great tips, your Snapnames aff account with be a $ or two better off tonight.

    I can’t believe I was the only bidder on PurpleStrawberry.com lol, hopefully a great buy given this recent artcicle I saw after reading your list this morning

    I’m not sure that demand the for purple strawberries will catch on but I am sure the domains chance of resale will increase when awareness spreads.

    Thanks again and keep posting your great tips.


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