Of All the Names Dropping Monday, These are the Names That May Have Value

Mar 29 2010

It’s Monday, and that means another chance to have a money making week.  I really didn’t find very many names dropping today that I liked.  I’ve been looking for names that are an actual product that can be sold using an affiliate store.  I’m paying someone to set up a bunch of these and going to put a few thousand up to test how it pays off. Of course, I’ll let you know later.  Now onto the names, sorry for the short list

FreeImmigrationForms.com 1984 searches, $1400 valuation

SolarFarmers.com A term that is brand new and will be used much more in the future.

TrainingBikes.com I actually bought and use a training bike so I must be one of the 173 people that searched for one last month.  Worth more that $10

Hearted.com The kids use the word heart for like/love so this may actually be a real word now, I’m really too old to know but it’s certainly worth the $80 it’s at now.

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