Of the Names Dropping Today, These Are a Few I Think Offer Good Value

Mar 25 2010

A lot of good dot nets dropping but I’m trying to concentrate more on dot coms.  They are certainly “good values” in the dot nets but the selling is the hard part.  More reward for the money but certainly more effort.  Now onto the names

BuyMyTicket.com Easy to remember and the name says exactly what you are trying to do with the website.

AffiliateJuice.com I thought affiliate people would like this one.

CannedFruit.com Not sure if you are really going to sell canned fruit but nice generic and easy to remember

LexaproGeneric.com $8100 valuation and you can make an affiliate store to this and make great money.  I don’t have time, give me a cut please

Fails.net Popular internet term and offers a good value for a flip if it stays near $100-150

CareerAdvisor.net $1000  plus valuate and nice $3.24 CPC

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