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A Fun Way To Find Domain Names

logoAfter about 345 articles regarding it, you’ve realized I love strong 5L domain names.  I picked up the other day and am always looking for 5 letter words with no meaning that are easy to spell, pass the radio test, and tend to buy names that end in “o” or “a”.     Finding 5Ls isn’t difficult but finding strong names under $100 is.   One place I enjoy looking through names is   It’s a name generator and is great from coming up with meaningless random words based on how many characters you want it to use.

It’s a simple site that makes up a name and then tells you if the dot com or dot net is available.  95% of the 5L dot coms come up taken but every once in a while a great name will come up.  A word I would have never thought of and it’s still available.  I either keep them or flip them for at least double on ebay.  Ebay may seem like a waste of time but my last two hand regs have sold for over $100 there and I found one of them on Wordoid.

And no they didn’t pay me to write this.  I find something I use and like, I share.  That’s what I get paid $1.14 an hour to do

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  1. Oh sorry Shane, I thought you got it for reg fee.

    If you do not mind give me your opinion on a couple 5l

    Thank you

  2. I think iLoga is the best but most of them are hand regs. i type names have to be very strong and usually with a generic behind them due to the Apple thing. A bit cliche and most businesses don’t want to brand with an i type name to avoid confusion. Dukks is hard to spell and although it sounds like ducks an end user would avoid this as well. Fifen is just not pretty sounding but and seems like it could use another i. So it may be Ok but not anything special.

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