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Oh The Irony. Elliot Could Be Getting Mad Traffic With Godaddy Sites and Email Going Down

I came home today and found the traffic to my site had nearly doubled today and I was pretty sure why. It all led back to an article I wrote about the last time that Godaddy’s email and websites went down. Two years ago people were furious and that was before they started pushing their hosting programs and added tens of thousands of websites. I can only imagine the chaos it’s caused around the world. I was surprised how little email I was getting today and just thought it was a slow Monday. Then my wife calls and tells me she can’t get any of here email. For me one day isn’t going to kill me as I was supposed to be off work anyway but for many this is very disruptive. Disruptive to the point that bigs sums of money and time will be lost. 48 million websites are down which is 25% of the internet

The ironic part of the whole thing is the three of the four domain blogs that are listed on the Google News feed are hosted on Godaddy and down. They could be receiving thousands of visitors but are part of the story rather than writing about it. Meanwhile The Domains rakes it in. Writing several articles that now are on the feed and often front page on the news and search feed. Only Mr. Berkens knows exactly how many thousands of extra people have visited but I can guarantee that it’s sizable.

And of course, leave it to Godaddy’s terrible marketing team to do half ass job of keeping everyone informed. To date their response is “We’re working on it” No info, no root of the cause, no estimated recovery time. All of which leads me to think the problems may be a little worse than we thought. This doesn’t seem to be a data loss type of problem but rather just a disruption of service so I’m not too worried. It’s just another reminder to keep emails backed up as well as your websites at a remote 3rd party location.

And to prove how big of a problem it is. This is what you get when you visit The official site to see if something is down

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  1. Heads up for you…
    Might be a temp issue…
    I tried clicking your FB Share Button for this post — twice — get an FB error message… won’t post. . .
    (Tuesday 9-11-12 636am EST)
    ~Patricia – DomainBELL

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