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One of the Better CVCVs Is Up For Auction:

I recently came across a domain for auction at Snapnames,  It’s a heck of a domain and I can’t believe it wasn’t more publicized.  After doing a little whois research I realized that it’s the domain of the guy that is the king of CVCV, Michael Gil.  The present bid of $26,000 seems fair considering the recent sales of at $65,000 by Francois and for $37,000.  I’ll be curious to see how it does.  I think it hits $35K or so but I promise you won’t see my name on the next whois because the price is already out of my range. Congrats Michael and to the new buyer, you’ve both done well.  PS Auction ends today at 3:15 Eastern

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. This is a phenomenal CVCV!

    If anyone has questions about this domain name please feel free to contact me direct as I am the broker for this deal.

    patrickr (at)

  2. Mumu is a hawaiian dress taken from muumu. So If I had to open a hawaiian dress business online this could be the perfect domain name.

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