Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains And Auctions

Dec 21 2010

I love business. I love my family.  I hate when business gets in the way of my family. It hardly ever happens but ever since I decided to plow snow it hasn’t stopped snowing this winter.  As of Friday we most likely will have had the most snow we’ve ever had in history, yes HISTORY in December and we’ll still have a week left.  I added the plowing for a little extra income but it’s become a lot of work. To make it worse, we’re getting a snowstorm on Christmas eve, the day I was supposed to leave on vacation.  Looks like I’ll be leaving a day late.  Of course, I’ll have a little more money in my pocket for Christmas.  Now onto the names.

CitrusBank.com Used to be owned by Central Illinois Bank but they were closed.  Now you can own the name.  I know this because I used to own Central Illinois Bank, well a few shares

Frab.com Easy to remember, easy to say 4 letter dot com

iBusinessPlans.com Business plans get 60,000 searches with a $5+ CPC so even with the “I” in it this name has some value.

TastyBeats.com Yeah maybe it has no value but I loooooooooove saying “tasty beats”.  Sounds fly.  Do they still say fly?

Displacement.org $3800 valuate.  I actually had to look up displacement to see why so many people were looking it up.  Still don’t really know

aPillow.com Pillow is a million dollar name so I would think that aPillow would be worth at least a few hundred.

StopBedWetting.com They say this doesn’t get many searches but I think this is one is undervalued.  I almost have it licked though.  I haven’t pee’d in my bed in weeks.

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  1. Clay Burt

    Really like Frab and aPillow in this lot – probably aPillow more, but that probably has to do with lack of sleep and wishing I had a Pillow right now!

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