OOPS! Forgot to Hit Publish: Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-17-12

Aug 17 2012

You can tell I had something big I was working on last night. I completely forgot to post the list and didn’t realize it until 7 pm. Here it is.  I went ahead and took out the Godaddy since they’ve all closed.    I’ve had a tough week.  It’s always tough coming back from vacation but if something could break or go wrong at work it did this week.  I get excited about the challenges of problems if there are only a few.  After that it pisses me off.  I’ve also had some personnel issues to take care of.  It’s all part of business but its the non fun part.  The only positive is on the domain side.  I am having a fantastic August already.  Half way through and its my biggest profit month ever.  I also purchased two domains yesterday that I thought I got for a very fair price. Fair meaning I should be able to make a profit.  Here are today’s names that I like.  Namejet was a little weak today but I personally have a few names up for sale that aren’t going to be very expensive (although I hope they are) but are decent names. Enjoy the weekend

Foal.com  Good brand or racehorse selling name

GGHD.com  I’m selling this one. Please waaay overpay for this one.  It does have HD in it and everyone loves High Definition except when Steve Buscemi is on.

BlueDollar.com  I thought it would make a great brand

Grooved.com  I figured people would like this one.  Sounds like a Web name but it may only because of grooveshark

CrimsonWhale.com  You know I love color+animal names.  I am selling some of them.  This is one.  I think it’s worth $69 but of course I’m the seller so I am very biased.  I am only selling because I have a lot of these types are really…how many am I going to develop?

HigherCourt.com  No bidders. Another one of my names.  I thought it would make a good legal or basketball site.   9 years old

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  1. Adam

    Are you using Dropday at all anymore? It’s been messed up all week and there is nothing showing for the days ahead. Thanks.

  2. Mike H

    Were there any .info in your godaddy list? a few great ones dropped today. I was hoping you wouldn’t post them but most of them hit xxxx anyways.

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