Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-18-12

Aug 18 2012

Saturday mornings would be rest time for most people but as a retail store owner its just another day.  I have to work Saturday and Sunday and admit it’s tough.  You have to work when others play.  Even worse is I train and then go right into work.  Yesterday I ran 18 miles and then had meetings for 10 hours.  I admit there were a few yawns in there. This morning I squeezed in 10 miles because a few friends wanted to run.  If you ever want to get in to exercise, find some friends and it will go much better.  Lots of time to talk when you are out running for 3 hours together.  Here are today’s names.  Enjoy the weekend  No bidders on this one.  Local and rental are two hot words.  Together I would think they would deserve a bid or two  Zynga’s got the ville names are ramped up  Good name to use to buy used phones  5400 searches and valuates at $2000+.  Only 2 bidders As marijuana becomes legal there will be more and more people growing hydroponic weed that is the best on the board today at Godaddy  Two short words and a great brand.  NO bidders 10 years old    Get…in……my…..belly.  Anyone know the quote?    Means door or port in Spanish if my High School Spanish serves me correct  Love this  Truck drivers are in high demand.  Many of them need to learn to drive  A great name for the tv extension Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

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