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Opening the Mic. Do You Like the “Request a Quote” or “Submit an Offer” Lander Better

When it comes to selling domains, we all have a method that we think works better than others.  When it comes to getting top dollar for a domain there isn’t really any better company that Uniregistry.   They have methods that they have proven are effective.  But when their parking lander switched over from a make an offer page to a request a quote, my quality of leads and offers plummeted.  The amount of people giving their information and providing a lead went way up.   In short, quantity or leads went up but quality dropped.  My opinion only

When I asked them if I had the ability to switch back they responded with facts.  The new lander gives you a better quantity of leads that can be worked.  People that were scared off before now are more likely to submit a contact (my words, not theirs) and they have.   It’s the perfect platform for the Domain Sales team to gather and work leads.  And if I needed them to do it they would love to help me sell my domains.

I have no doubt this is true.  Especially if you have a huge portfolio .  You want as many leads as you can get and you can show them the name they clicked on, some names that are similar, or names that are new strings.   But for me it doesn’t work as well.  I want them to buy that name and give me some number to let me know they are willing to pay for it.  My serious offers were a pretty low percentage on the old lander, now I get 3 times the “leads” but they are just tire kicking to find out how much it costs. They are putting in no offer at all.  I think I’d rather put up a cost and then have them submit an offer based on that costs.   But again, these are just my thoughts.

What are you finding?  What feedback would you give Uniregistry about the lander? Would you like a choice of landers?   Or do I just not know how to work a lead.

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  1. Submit an offer, and its not even close. Like you, I ended up with a bunch of junk coming into my inbox every day wasting my time. Most of the time, inquiries werent looking for quotes on the domain, but quotes on other things related to the domain name. Because of these landers and the lack of options to choose how you wanted to engage the enduser, I ended up moving my parked pages from DNS and using Efty.

    Examples below.

    1. Rod,

      I have received 3 more emails from people not wanting to post a comment that have moved their domains due to not liking the lander. Seems I might not be the only one that would love to have a choice of landers.

      1. I love the all around platform at DNS, but to me the most critical point is the lander and the quality of the leads it generates so that it does not waste my time trying to figure out if someone is really interested or serious about purchasing the domain.

        Also as you said, it encourages tire kicking and price fishing without any commitment on the prospective buyer end.

      2. Undoubtedly its a fantastic platform and we are all fortunate that DNS has allowed us to use it. They are more than gracious to let my small portfolio on to the system. All I am doing is saying something publicly that myself and a few others are saying privately and trying to gauge if its just our little group of a larger section of the users.

  2. IMO… it is obvious why the change was made.
    The sales team at DNS has grown so much that the amount of leads that the old lander created are not enough to keep the DNS sales team busy. That’s my guess. Picture this, you own TaxAttorney.??? and I own TaxReliefAttorney.??? Everyone would rather own your name than mine. So someone requests a quote for TaxAttorney.??? The DNS team goes to work and finds out that the buyer has only $5000 to work with. You know the rest of the story. When this platform becomes available to everyone I think it is going to be a great help for those who own the TaxRelifAttorney.??? type of names. BTW… I agree with you in that there is not a better company than Uniregistry at getting top dollar for a domain name. I think their registrar is by far the best I have ever used as well.
    Have a nice Labor Day Weekend

  3. I was looking at a name a few weeks ago on DNS and when I hit on the request a quote form it changed to make an offer. Well this may just be me but I figure if someone wants to sell something they should have a price in mind. So I was very pissed off. I don’t play that game. There is a very good possibility that there was a sale to be had but if the seller has to “F” around and not tell me what they want for a name I can’t be bothered. it’s amateur hour. Tell me what you want for a domain and give me some reasons why its worth what you are asking. Selling 101. How long would anyone spend on a car dealers lot if they said well just make us an offer and we will see if you are close. Well that may work if you have an exceeding rare item but the majority of domain names don’t fall into that category. I was finding a name for a friend of mine and we ended up with a name that will serve them very well but it wasn’t the one on the dns platform. The Point to all this is, some one lost a sale because they were playing ” F around”. I have spent much of my life in sales and always loved it when I came across competitors that played the price “F around” game. They paid for a lot of my lunches with the commissions that they didn’t make. In sales second place is last place. When I’m selling I should know what I want for my product and why it is worth what I’m asking. That alone will weed out the tire kickers.
    I’m sure Shane that you have all the plants priced at the garden centre and no signs that say make me an offer.
    This is obviously a pet peeve for me.

    1. Robin,

      All valid points. I’m not there to gather data. I’m there to sell a name. That’s why I would love to have a listed price BIN and the ability to make an offer. Lets my potential buyers know the range I’m looking to sell at. Again, using Uniregistry is a luxury, just thinking out loud on my ideal lander

  4. I mostly use my own landing pages so I can be in control and this also allows me to A/B and split test my landing pages to get the most out of them.

  5. Why not just go with a parking provider that will also let you customize your banners like does. Been using them for years and I’m satisfied. Everyone goes on about how great Uniregistry is, and they do have a great interface but… at the end of the day is it saving me money and/or making me money? Lot of hype surrounding Uni that isn’t well substantiated imo. Nothing against them, but feels like “because it’s Frank’s company, it must be good” is the mantra for a lot of domainers these days.

    Just something to think about.

  6. I like Frank, I like his team of brokers, they work hard, but the landers are wasting my time so bad, I have moved most of my domains out of there, and will continue to do so. It’s there business, I have address this with them before, about no leading coming through unless it hit’s my min. Also, I have so many “bin prices” names enter escrow and everything single one as feel through. For example, been in Escrow about 5-6x from Bin price and not once does it goes through. I never seen a group of confused buyers, confused leads, ever.

    If anybody has a suggestion for a Good “For Sale” lander page let me know, because after 2 years with DomainNameSales, com, it’s been frustrating dealing with 99% junk leads.

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