Owen and Mr. Monster Talk Shop Today

Jul 28 2010

Picture courtesy of DnJournal

Courtesy of DnJournal.com

I’ve been waiting for this interview for a while.  I talk to Rob several times a week and I think Epik is on the right track to big things.  I’d like to think I’ve helped keep them on track through my constant bitching about what I’d like to see happen with the sites.  Let’s call it constructive criticism.  What I like about Rob is his ability to take it those emails I give him and tell me what he’s going to do about it or where I’ve made an error in my thoughts.  Many business people could learn from this.  I’ve talked to Rob before in Vegas but really looking forward to information he shares today with Owen.

I’m hoping Owen digs a little deeper with his questions and knowing Owen, I don’t think that will be a problem.  So make sure to check it out, it should be one of the better webinars of the year.

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