Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Jul 29 2010

For the millionth time I was perusing through my domains and realized “I have too many”.  Some I’ve even forgotten I have.  It struck me that I’m back to the same feeling I had with baseball cards.  I love to look through them and I all of a sudden I realize how much I’ve spent on them.  I hope this turns out better than the profits on my baseball collection.  At least I don’t have all my money tied up in Ken Griffey Jr rookie cards anymore.  Now onto the names I’m surprised how many people think this means “global”.  Maybe you can sell it to one of them I love this one.  I had to check to see if it had been misspelled because I really do think this is a strong name I really didn’t know anything about this name but after looking it up I found out that people in England are quite familiar with it.  People, places, and things quite often have this name in England. Noticed how I used the word “quite” twice.  I think the research on England is rubbing off I didn’t know electric grills were so popular. I thought everyone either used gas, wood, or charcoal.  Evidently plenty of people use electric as well. Of course I knew about the Foreman Grill.  What a tasty treat maker I know it’s long but $24 CPC and 800 searches give this value

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  1. Pat

    Electric grills – bah!

    I’ll keep my Weber charcoal grill and chimney, thanks. is available, btw.
    720 Exact Local and $1.04 avg. CPC

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