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Past Sales Price Comps for and CC.orgs

You hear me talking about “liquid” domains.  One of the most liquid domain group is and A group that I have been buying since this summer.  I wouldn’t exactly call them a commodity but they certainly trade in a range.  By knowing that range you will be able to spot prices that may be under resale value.  I’ve compiled some the domain sales from this category that I’ve tracked over the last year.  While it’s not a big group, IMO it still helps.  The group is still a bit small to notice any trends other than zero and O go for lesser prices because of the obvious confusion.  If anyone has any to add to the list please feel free.    Take a gander.  $1388 at Sedo $2400 at Sedo $1935 at Sedo $1004  at Godaddy $2050 at Sedo $2405 at Godaddy $1600 at Namejet $1855 at Godaddy at Godaddy $2500 Namejet $1855 at Godaddy 1-23-12 $2600 at Sedo (flipped in June)  $999 at Godaddy  $4999 at Afternic $1388 at Sedo



Domain Spotlight:

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  1. since your posts have been so helpful to me i just wanted to clue you in… is still available. and with the godaddy coupon code is only 99 cents. sure icann sticks you for the extra 18 cents but if you need brain surgery it’s still a good deal.

  2. Useful list. I wish I would have seen this a couple weeks ago when I had to manually dig up some info.

    Here’s another one: went for $2,000 on Namejet on the 17th of this month (December).

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