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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 19th

I have another person and company to thank for a wonderful Christmas gift.  Thank you Mike and NetProfitMedia for all the nice gifts from Amazon.  I’ve helped Mike buy and sell some domains this year and it’s been nice to watch his portfolio and profits grow over the last year.  The great thing about this blog is I get to meet so many people that approach this industry from different angles and from different walks of life.  All have the same goal and that’s to make money, but there are plenty of different ways to hit that goal.  Here are today’s names. People love foreclosures and good deals. It was just too bad nobody has any money when the real good deals came around in 2008-9. 14 years old No bidders, $12 for this 12 year old SEO name
I’m starting to slowly change my mind on dot nets. Starting to think that dot net may be able to hold it’s own against these new tlds. I didn’t think that at first but for the right price I’m willing to bet it will. 11 year old education name I would think that a mobile windshield repair company would be all over this one. At $12 this would be an easy flip. I don’t need any but plenty of people are looking for help with their fantasy football league. NO Bidders and only $12. I haven’t missed the playoffs yet in my local league after 3 years but I admit I’m luckier than good. Last year’s last two picks Cam Newton and Gronkowski, this year’s last two picks, Russell Wilson and Doug Martin. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not luck.

Godaddy’s Newest .99 cents DOT COM Registration Promo Coupon Code cjceb99x  Good if you want to hear some good old music. Bad if it’s “date night” with your wife.  Not extremely valuable but it’s a popular term, 13 years old,  and it has NO bidders  When I do yoga there’s not healing about it.  You can literally hear the muscles tearing.  I only go for the pants   Again, not terribly valuable but a fantastic name for a tech blog.  12 years old I’d rather have Adam’s but this one still has plenty of value   I think I like wealth more than racing    Pretty strong name for a 3d movie guide. Also gives a good insight to what would be worth.  No bidders.  You could probably cover this with a two page website These public auctions are winding down with a few nice LLL.nets. This is one of my favorites And this is the other one I like  17 years old and as I said before. This online thing is going to catch on

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