Pic: This is How Many Companies Still View Domainers

Oct 05 2011

Found this on the Internet yesterday.  Some people still don’t get our industry.

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  1. Leonard Britt

    Search for the following keywords on Twitter for more comments from those who believe they have a right to a domain merely because they want it and the current registrant hasn’t yet developed it or the development isn’t good enough…

    Domain squatting

    Domain squatters

    Domain squatter


  2. anders

    Digital property has not existed for very long. People are donkeys. This industry also needs ambassadeurs badly.

  3. RAYY.co

    “…Some people still don’t get our industry…”

    Quite true.

    I met a lots of people in art gallery openings, business social functions…

    When I told them I’m a domainer…..they said, oh, you are a domain squatter….

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