I Love It When A TV Show Works a Domain Into the Program: Stinson Breast Reduction

Oct 05 2011

I think it’s great when a TV show works a domain into the show and actually develops it out just to give it some play during and after the show.  One of my favorites was DickTowel.com from It’s Always Sunny.  It’s a little off color so you may not look at it at work but it was so successful they actually ended up selling product.  Even funnier, the show was so successful they wrote another script having the guys buying an old boat based using the profits from dick towel sales.

Last night I saw another good use of a domain on “How I Met Your Mother”.  Barney used commercials pretending to be a doctor giving free breast reduction exams.  At the bottom he had StinsonBreastReduction.com for more information.   It’s a pretty basic site but check out the fake Google ads to the right.  They even set up new domains just to let the joke run a little further.  I got a kick out of the cananadianSexActs.org website.   Then again, I think Canadians are pretty funny anyway.

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