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Nov 07 2011

Had a big birthday weekend which I’m still recovering from. Went to a great cuban restaurant Friday night and then saw Blue Man Group. If you’ve never seen them I’d actually recommend it. I went in pretty skeptical but what sold me was how funny it was. It had me laughing pretty hard throughout the show. Saturday night it was just a few of us drinking around the house. Ended up finding a stray dog in my front yard about 1am. Eventually found the owner though so I’m glad that worked out. Sunday is always for football and spent the whole day/night watching football and chuggin’ ice cold beers. Overall, I spent the last week or so doing almost absolutely nothing. If you havn’t tried that, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, to get back into the swing of things this week I thought I’d share the video of something Shane mentioned 3 weeks ago or so. For those of you that don’t know, Shane is sometimes on a live PBS show called ‘Mid-American Gardener’. The show airs every Thursday evening on PBS channels throughout the midwest. When I found out Shane was on the show I couldn’t help myself, I had to call in with a question. It was a silly prank, and Shane didn’t even know it was me until after the fact. I tried to keep it clean considering the target demographic of this show is probably people ages 110+. Jump to minute 18:00, unless you want to watch the whole thing and learn about plants.

Mid-American Gardener 113 (October 13, 2011) from Illinois Public Media on Vimeo.

I know, I know, a stupid question and had I thought it through I probably could have come up with something better.

Oh, by the way, in no way am I ever recommending or suggesting that any of you prank Shane. But…if you wanted to this is probably the way to go…just sayin’.

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