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Some Q1 2015 Domain Acquisitions

I’ve always enjoyed reading Elliot’s, AbdulBasit’s, Konstantino’s, Shane’s and other people’s listing of recent domain acquisitions, so I thought I’d do the same for some acquisitions over the first quarter of this year, which was by far my most active ever. Acquisitions were made in private and via the popular marketplaces.

Couple dozen – $xxx each. The best of the bunch were and (price is public), and the rest were less valuable, and There are a couple individuals who have gradually been selling their’s to me over the last 2-3 years. I probably don’t offer them the highest possible price, but I pay very quickly via PayPal prior to the domain transfer, and they’re hassle-free transactions. We share a mutual trust, there are no language barriers, no middleman, no waiting on the cash, and oftentimes there is no bickering on the price.

Portfolio of – $xxx each for 10+ domains. I know they haven’t picked up like their .com and .net counterparts, but the price was right for a profitable near term flip. I’ll either flip them all, or maybe I’ll sell 1/2 of them and break even on the entire portfolio, and let the rest ride and see what happens with the market. A few are currently on auction at no reserve (,,, and a couple of the better ones (,,, have reasonable reserves well below the recent $1,500 sale of at NameJet.

Portfolio of a few dozen – I got lucky……one sold within two weeks for more than the cost of the entire portfolio. That one is, which is now developed, and it was an unsolicited offer. I’ve auctioned some of the others for nice prices, currently have a few more at auction at no reserve (,,,,, and will keep a dozen or so that are developed in other extensions. I suspect they may be looking for an upgrade at some point.

TheDesign.comPrice is public. As Raymond Hackney said, “That’s a name Mike Berkens sells for like $50,000.” To be clear, I’m no Berkens……..I could never hold out that long for this domain (but he does it repeatedly with his names), but I know I could flip it quickly for a decent profit, or sit on it for a few years and shoot for much higher.

Dubliner.comPrice is public. I’ve had beers in several bars named Dubliner and the name won’t make me rich, but I’m confident I could quickly flip it for a profit if I chose.

Major Geo .org – Over a million residents and many times that number for annual tourist visits. I don’t own many .org, but the price was right for a potential flip. – One of my favorites, and it might be my most valuable domain. There are quite a few reasons I like it:

  • It has multiple meanings: (1) closer as in closing deals, and (2) closer as in proximity or in a relationship. Wanting to get closer to someone/something.
  • The keyword gets loads of search volume (including for the movie, the TV series, and the very popular Closer Weekly gossip rag, which has and
  • There are numerous developed sites/businesses that have this term in their name, and may want to upgrade.
  • The domain was developed for the past 10+ years, for a now defunct business. It hasn’t been available for sale.

You’re welcome to share your recent acquisitions in the comments below, or offer up your constructive criticism of the acquisitions above. You’re also welcome to shoot me a note if you have domains that you’re looking to sell —- at wholesale prices, of course!

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16 Replies to “Some Q1 2015 Domain Acquisitions”

    1. It’s a long distance relationship, Marijuana Guy…..just like the one I’ve got with you…….you guys are both about the same mileage from me.

  1. Nice pick up of closer – that’s an amazing name. I think it might be more valuable in the ‘closing a deal’ usage – online sales training is a big business.

    1. Thanks Danny. I’m glad you think about closer that way, because I like it better for the other meaning — however, two uses are better than one! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for Sharing Aaron. is of course a great one but I personally like a lot. I just got back from Dublin last week where I had a couple of pints with fellow domainer Alan Dodd!

    1. Thanks Doron. I haven’t yet been to Dublin, and need to get over there now that I can talk to my tax guy about writing the trip off………

    1. Thanks Konstantinos, I appreciate it. That Geo .org treated me well, and it might have to be the subject of another post…..

  3. Thanks Aaron!
    Always great to see what fellow domainers are buying.
    I like which is great name. I just love domains starting with “The” and it’s one of the great names.

    1. Thanks AbdulBasit, I’m looking forward to your next post with recent acquisitions.
      It’s interesting to look at these acquisitions two years later….most have been sold and have treated me well. I still own and have received dozens of inquiries, but no sale yet. I also still own, but I don’t think it’s had a single offer. Oh well, I’m happy to own both!

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