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Dec 23 2016

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from this year that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $18,000  at Uniregistry, and they needed the domain as part of a rebrand from GPUdb. They raised $6 million in funding earlier this year, and the company description hurts my simple mind: “a GPU-accelerated in-memory database ideal for use with large and streaming datasets. Its GPU architecture excels at mapping and visualizing data.”

kinetica sold for $18,000 at Uniregistry. Radio test be damned. “Ten10 (formerly The Test People – Centre4 Testing) is the UK’s leading software testing consultancy.”

ten10 sold for $15,500 at Uniregistry. “dubdub is a suite of applications solving the issue of video creation & content monetization for both Influencers and Brands.” Based in Toronto, they have products/services names DubCandy, DubU, and DubSuite.

dubdub sold for $7,280 at Sedo, and the Switzerland-based company that’s under development is described as, “a turnkey Connected Car platform that helps car owners to manage their cars remotely via smartphone (to start the engine, to open/close doors, for car tracking), provides big data for automotive OEMs and insurance companies, and informs them about car malfunctions, mileage, drivers behavior, road accidents, etc.”

remoto sold for $7,250 at Sedo, and this is an additional domain for the company currently residing at, “a multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy and corporate approved inspector. We provide services throughout the UK and internationally”.


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