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My Recent Experiences With Sedo

There has been alot of frustration voiced recently over experiences at Sedo. What started out as a post about Sedo’s sales numbers declining (I haven’t looked at the data to confirm or deny), quickly devolved into a lot of non-specific bitching and moaning in the comments sections of related posts.

As Joseph Peterson rightly pointed out, “everybody’s personal experience with market places differs“, so I thought I’d share my recent experiences with Sedo.

Now I admit that I’m not the most active buyer or seller of domains, but my experiences with Sedo recently have all been extremely positive.

On the acquisitions side, I’ve bought a handful of domains through Sedo this year, ranging in price from from $xxx to $xx,xxx (such as, and each transaction was completed smoothly and quickly. The platform operated as expected, with very little interaction needed from their support team.

On the sales side, a Sedo broker went out of their way just last week to help facilitate a transaction. I had been going back and forth with a buyer, and we appeared to be stuck, with the buyer at $6,500 as their stated final offer, and me at $9,800, but with some flexibility left. The buyer apparently called Sedo to see if there was anything that could be done to help complete a transaction. A Sedo broker promptly reached out to me to see if they could help with a deal. After a phone call and several emails with Sedo, I agreed to one of the broker’s ideas; that I would sell the domain at $6,500 net to me…….meaning, the buyer would cover Sedo’s transaction fees, which were around $1,150 for this transaction. The broker then reached out to the buyer and circled back to me with a confirmed deal shortly thereafter. The buyer has since wired the funds into Sedo, I transferred the domain, and then I received payment this week.

Thanks to the Sedo broker, what appeared to be a stalled negotiation was revived. The broker was very professional and responsive; regardless of the hour of the day, my questions were always addressed within 30 minutes, and often within 30 seconds.

Like most domainers, Sedo is only one of several platforms I utilize to both buy and sell domains, and based on my experiences with them, I will continue to work with them in the future.

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