Maybe It’s Just Me, But I Can’t Register For DomainFest

Dec 31 2010

Update:   Evidently my large purchase at NameJet the other day shut down my card.  I only noticed it because 5 minutes ago Snapnames emailed and said my card was declined.  Of course I didn’t get any message saying what was wrong and since my card has such a large limit that never came to mind.  I’m actually happy they are watching out for me.  I do a heck of a lot of online purchasing so it’s nice to think that they are still watching the account despite the fact I have to make a phone call occasionally to open it back up. All is well and I’m all signed up.  Sorry for the false alarm and I apologize to everyone at DomainFest if it came across wrong.   Today is the last day to sign up for DomainFest before it goes up $100 starting tomorrow.  One big problem, the site doesn’t seem to be taking registrations.  It could always be me but I checked over it 10 times, had my wife try it, and did it in Firefox and Safari and nothing.  I kept getting the error message every time.  I have to admit I got a giggle out of the section that says “See if you qualify for a discount” and you put in your Domain Sponsor account number.  At the $80 a year I make parking my couple domains there maybe they’ve decided not only do I not get a discount, I may not be worthy of attending.  And just a note, I am only writing this publicly because if it really is a problem on their side there will be other people that are going to have trouble signing up.  That and I don’t want to pay the extra $100 and I need documentation.  Here’s my documentation and while I’m not looking for handouts I must say I will never get the 35 minutes of my life back I spent trying to buy a ticket.  Nothing can make up for that 🙂

If anyone has had success signing up today let me know because then I’ll try and go back and figure out what in the heck I’m doing wrong. If anyone has had trouble let me know as well and I’ll leave it alone and start my New Year celebration early

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