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The Last Damn Dropping Domains and Auctions You’ll Hear From Me This Year

Well, this pretty much wraps it up.  Hope you guys enjoyed a full year of me writing these things pretty much every day.  If any thing, I’m consistent.   I would like to make a special shout out to Drop Day for their sponsoring of this post by giving me complete reign of their data.  Sergey does an incredible job over there and it’s certainly worth your money to flip through.  Of course if Domain Tools would like to be a co sponsor I could really make some headway with more data (first shill, now beggar, I have no shame).  Enough business, let’s get to the fun but before I do. PLEASE be safe tonight.  Don’t be a dumb ass and drink and drive.  I don’t care if you lose your license, that’s your own damn problem if your Mom has to start driving you to work again but I can’t afford to lose a reader.

I am going to apologize in advance because there just aren’t very many domains available that are any good.  I put a couple in from Saturday as well. I’m guessing $10K plus on this one. When I first got in this business I thought the way you made money was typos and I made a good amount of money because nobody knows how to spell counterfeiting Not sure what you’d use it for but like many of my names I’ll just buy it and figure out what the hell I just bought later You guys will by anything with the words “name” “dn” and “domain” in them so I figured one of you might like this because it does have some age (1999) While I don’t condone this type of site I have to admit it sounds like it could be a fun little site. (Ladies, I apologize for the sophomoric humor)’ If I didn’t get in enough trouble above this should do it.  But really, girl fight videos are HUGE money makers (113,000 searches) .  I probably could make 50 of them just with my wife and 11 year old daughter

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Make sure your wife doesn’t read this post.
    If she does, you probably would be saying ‘i could make 500 of Husband Wife Fighting (.com)’……….

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