Saturday Little List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Around the Net

Mar 10 2012

Short list today. Had to get in a 21 mile run before I work a trade show today.  Because standing all day on a cement floor isn’t enough challenge.  Here are today’s names. This one is at $3000 and is almost legal meaning its 17 years old.  Good letters but I’ve always had a thing for the letter “s” I get nervous when I see one bid and the domain is over $1000. I feel like somebody has called a friend to help it along BUT does give it a $15,000 seal of approval  Very popular Spanish last name.   I may actually give a friend this for Christmas.  I will be than what I got him last year.   Nothing Sounds like a good name to use for a radar detector or an app. Good price in my opinion.  I think its pronounceable but even if its not its a three letter dot org which is very liquid. I don’t like the name but merely want to point out a root canal is one of the few things that I don’t think I’m going to buy or have done online. 12 years old for $12. The price won’t hurt as much as a root canal  Everyone wants to be.  Unless its the bar bill at the end of the night I’m going to spoil the ending for you…….she gets fat.

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  1. John

    21 mile run & standing all day. You’re a Beast. Grab some omega 3 fish oil. $3005 66 bids $102 6 bids
    Some other interesting ones: $2810 88 bids $3315 54 bids $165 17 bids $893 62 bids $227 17 bids $345 53 bids

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