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Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Around the Net 3-12-12

Worked a trade show all weekend and I have a couple takeaways from the experience (I have a whole post about it later today) The first thing I noticed is that the people in the Midwest get fatter every year.  All I could think was I should be in healthcare not selling plants.  Two, many companies have no clue how to monetize a trade show.  It’s more than slapping up a backdrop and standing there.  It was brutal to watch them in action. Speaking of action, there is a little action in today’s list.  Take a look.  I sold a name very similar to this with with the Q in the same spot for $700 so $75 is a real bargain.  I think the reason this one is getting so much attention is the 1994 registration. But it is a PR5 as well  Nice numeric but as we know, it ends in the dreaded four  Big boy dot net.  Every runner’s best friend  143 Bidders.  Looks like a lot of Kims are interested in this one. $2600 Valuate   Anything with the word “tablet” is worth following.  The visit names always seem to sell pretty well.  $1800 Valuate So many people need this. If you could eliminate stress I think you could improve the health of 50% of Americans. I’m all about health today aren’t I? I’ve subscribed to several stock picking services and this would be a perfect name for such a service. 12 years old and already at $100 plus.  Not my type of name. The past tense verbs.  I’ve never figured out who needs or wants these.  Price says otherwise.  Another here but judging by the price I still have something to learn about domain pricing.  and one more  This is a trademark typo that I highly recommend staying away from.  I only highlight it because it’s one of the most bid on names at Snap to show that there are still many domain investors that make their money with these names.  I know its a dot net but 18,000 searches, $11 plus CPC and yet only two bids.  I would imagine a charity would want this.  Of course a charity doesn’t usually have the money to pay you big money for it. Another over at Looking through the names at Premium domains and thought this one is a good value at $5K.  Better value than many of the names I get on the newsletters I get daily.

Special thanks to DropDay and for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list.  Drop me a line.

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  1. $133 22 bids $133 8 bids $355 30 bids $255 22 bids
    Some others: $719 31 bids $405 21 bids $455 45 bids $516 62 bids $512 25 bids
    A bunch of Cafe names that were 12 years old went off yesterday as well. looks like was highest amongst them &
    21 miles plus standing on concrete all day will do that to one. Then again, so will sitting in a chair all day long.

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