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Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-16-12

Godaddy is pretty much nonexistent in today’s list.  Only scraps today.  Namejet is mostly   Chinese.  Otherwise, everything else is pretty good.  Only problem is they are the only two that have numbers each to to pick from. So take a look at the scarce list that I like today and feel free to use the .99 Godaddy Coupon below to buy yourself a little gift for Father’s day. Let me know what you bought yourself  I’m going to go ahead and say it, I think the dot cc makes a huge leap in value in the next few years.  I like this one a lot as well I’ll take a pronounceable for $50 any day No bidders on this common term. Most people think bargain is spelled bargin but for $12 its a good buy  Double C is good for $150  Pronounced Zeh.  Just kidding I have no idea how its pronounced but since its three letters it will do fine This one should do even better because of the V for video  Grass Tea in Chinese.  Lots of Chinese names on the board today  Popular Chinese First Name


If you’d rather just hand register something you’re in luck because Godaddy just put out a new .99 cent coupon. Just go Here

and the code is


Domain Spotlight:

7 Replies to “Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-16-12”

  1. *

    You should warn your readers that the renewal rate on two-letter .cc is well into the 3 figures.

    Right now, .cc isn’t that great.


    1. Ms. Domainer,

      I think you’re the that needs to be careful. Renewal is $21. Spreading wrong info is worse than leaving it out. I assume my readers are smart enough to do their own due diligence .

  2. *

    I may be wrong about .cc–I think it’s .ws that has high renewal rates on two-letter domains, BUT it’s always a good idea to check this out. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises at renewal time.



  3. I give you credit for such a bold statement as saying .cc will leap in value.

    That’s what I like about you Shane, you are not cagey and speak your mind. That’s respectable.

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