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Why I Think Very Short dot cc Domains Will Increase in Value Over the Next Few Years

I admit it, for some reason I’ve developed a crush on dot cc.  Over the next few months I will be looking to buy particular dot cc domains because I think they are selling at value right now compared to where they will stand in 5 years.  Most people rightfully will think I am insane and throwing my money away, and that’s why I have no problem writing this post.  It’s certainly not going to do anything to drive up the prices.  We all hope we see value in things that others don’t and in this case, most people see no value.  But I do.

My personal change in feelings towards this tld was brought on by all the newly introduced extensions.  I figure if any of those stand a chance and have value, then these existing, aged names would certainly have value as well.  There is no easier tld to type that cc.  It’s the shortest tld you can have and its repeating making it ideal to people that like the short, easy to remember name.  It’s just not popular enough to remember some may say.   At this point you’re right, but the mindset of the Internet user will be forced to open up and will soon involve a more careful checking of tld.

If I owned a country club I would be all over this extension but that alone isn’t going to sustain an entire tld.  But names like and  to me, are very easy to remember and although have sold for a good price ($5K and 3.5K respectively), I think there are other similar names that can be purchased for much less and will see even higher in the future.

Remember how this market works.  This isn’t about what you like or don’t like.  It’s about buying a name and selling it for more than you paid for it.   It’s about liquidity and the ability to resell.  Short is more liquid than any other type of name.  Two letter dot anything have some value.  High end keywords at any extension can be sold.   So why not take a shot at some of these two types in a simple short extension?  Most likely they will be much cheaper than the same names in one of the new tlds.  The $21 annual renewal isn’t too bad either.

For a few of you people concerned with my mental health,  I will point out three things.  One, I am not putting a ton of money into this investment.  I will be trying to get a fantastic deal on a few super short names like or  Two, when I started buy NNNN.coms for the same reason 2 and 3 years ago, people thought I was wasting my money.  No companies used numerics.  China is showing the same love for short .cc by the way. Three, one last reminder that it’s not what name or type of name I buy or what I pay,  as long as I can sell it for more later.  When it comes to dot .cc I think it presents as strong, if not stronger chance, than many other extensions when Google has to open the valve for everyone and the more haters the better when you’re buying.

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8 Replies to “Why I Think Very Short dot cc Domains Will Increase in Value Over the Next Few Years”

  1. But there is nothing intuitive about .cc like these new tlds are supposed to do. I understand though, money is coming into the space and you did say it’s a calculated risk.

  2. *

    I don’t think you’re crazy. I have a soft spot for .im domains and own a few shorties and premiums.

    I do get traffic on my .im’s, but never got a bite on my .cc’s, which I allowed to drop.

    But this is a crazy biz, and I have stopped pooh poohing everyone else’s ideas because one never knows…


  3. “It’s the shortest tld you can have…”

    Really? But what about these guys?


  4. I like .cc I think is a great extension for financial names. I only own two at the moment though. I am glad to see your post on this and ideas.

  5. There is some sense in what you say, two letter domains on weird cctld’s do sell from time to time for high prices. It is a short easy extension to remember, easy to type, but never seems to have taken off. If you make some modest investments in short, high quality ones it might pay off. Good luck!

  6. Hi Shane,

    I don’t know. I think we are going to see some serious valuation drops with all the new TLDs coming on. This seriously changes the economics of the game.

    I feel .COM will gain see quite high valuation improvements, but everything else, and I do mean everything else, will be going way down.

    Strong 1-2 Brandable .Com’s is the only game in town.

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