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Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-24-12

I don’t know what got in to me yesterday. I bought four dot coms. Two LLLL.coms and Birchtrees and Ripens. I’ve had a great sales month so I’ve put the money back into names, all plant names, LLLL.coms, two word generics, 5Ls and NNNN.coms. The same strategy that got me here. I think I’m getting some great deals on these names but we won’t know that until I sell them. Here are today’s names that I like.

RidetheThunder.comOne of those “sayings” that is the name of countless movies, songs, and team mantras.  Not the best name on the board but you’d think there would be more than one bid.

RisingHill.comTwo word dot com from 1998. Nice farm or business name  Even with a dot org this one is very nice.  Even looks pretty  Not quite the caliber of the above but not the same price either  The Chinese are all over Namejet and names like this are always one of the top bid names.  If you bought a ton of cloud domains you should be rich  Three letter dot net.  I don’t buy them but lots of people do Good deal IMO for $12  Valuate has it valued at 200 times that  A good word for dot org  I know the Mexican peso has dropped but no bidders?

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  1. *

    Thanks, Shane, for these lists.

    I picked up a domain from yesterday’s list, which I don’t want to reveal until it actually hits my account.


    Keep up the good work!


  2. $40 6 bids $75 3 bids $155 14 bids
    One I saw that went for some good amount of Pesos: $3005 68 bids
    They like their Beer up that way
    Go Kansas & Go Kentucky tomorrow

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