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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, March 13th, 2022

Hey! Happy Sunday, don’t forget we’re an hour ahead of where we were yesterday (because time is just a made-up concept and we’re all living in a simulation).

✌️ Names at Auction – Not sure what this could be… would be much better if the “2” and the “to” were reversed. – That’s so 2001. – Not sure about how well this one works with a .io …

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – Spanish for “large estate.” Also the name of 10,000 restaurants. – Start the next Udemy or Masterclass on a .xyz. – More and more, you’re in good company if you’re on this new gTLD.

Sedo – Google tells me this is Persian for “longevity.” But do your own research… – Pretty relevant name right now…

Namejet – Funeral home wholesale supplies shop? – Really nice .io–especially in the context of everything going wireless OR cutting your cable subscription. – Really nice keyword, and also it’s .net…

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Great one-word .com. Not the sexiest keyword ever, decent price for the name, though. – You’ll have to empty your cannabank out if you want to own this one.. – Really love the alliteration on this one. Also, I think “platinum” is a 10/10 keyword. – Cooking education or ingredient subscription box. – Good name for a cannabis subscription so it doesn’t arrive all obviously like WEED BOX. It’s the Buddy Box… – Nice for a build out, probably. – It’s like a Tamagotchi, but you’re taking care of a little yacht (the closest many of us will come to interacting with a yacht in our lifetimes… – Four letter, for anyone in to those… – Mobility like… physical therapy? Nice brand for that. – Not the best brand ever unless you one as well — then it’s not so bad. – Personally I do not like these plural + review brand. This one almost kind of works, but is a WAY WEAKER name than “CoinReview.” Also I’ve seen a lot a lot of shitty affiliate sites for sale like JuicersReview or RefrigeratorsReview and it’s just super low quality. Build your site on a stronger brand! – Meta + 2022 = trend. Or was that a 2021 thing? This one has a fairly low price… – Love this brand for a marketing play. “We’re a greener green.” Eco company, obviously.

A List of Domain Names that Have Bids So You Know Other People Like Them At Least A Little Bit…

Domain Spotlight:

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