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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Here’s the Markey DSAD challenge for 2022: will I write a post EARLIER than late at night the day before it’s due.


We’ll see. Probably not though.

Today was filled to the absolute brim with action. And by action, I mean shit that I had to do. It was 13 pounds of productivity in a 6 pound productivity bag. That scans, right?

One of the many, many projects I work on is a small speculative (sci fi/fantasy) magazine I started called The Deadlands. We publish short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction relating to death, Death, the afterlife, the underworld, and more. Memento Mori. It’s one of the joys of my life, that I created a zine that people genuinely love, that publishes such amazing work.

Today I did all the work to get our 9th issue live. Hours of work to get it live and out to subscribers. I don’t have much gas left in the tank, but if you’re feeling it, head over to and check out some of our stories when you’re done looking at this domain list. Issue 09 is only available to subscribers at the moment (you should subscribe) but the first eight issues are free to read.

LMK what you think!

Here’s domain names: Names at Auction – Meta anything blah blah just buy it because it has meta in it obvs.– Strong name. Not the Marvel character, he said, UDRPly. But the OG, from Rhodes: – Not a bad name for a VC/investor. Nice community-feeling name.

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – Woman’s name. $$$$$. Can’t go wrong with a woman’s name as a brand. Probably ain’t goin cheap tho. – Decent new gTLD. Even though I’m not personally a fan (and would prefer to build a site on), this one isn’t bad… – Cold fire. Deafening silence. Pretty ugly. Paradise ICU…

Namejet – “It’s advertising, but with a Z” — said by the person that builds a business on this name, EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES. – Robust reserve, but a solid brand. Could build a solid business on this name. – Mail… mailing. Not the greatest SLD, but a nice one-word .org

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Godaddy Domains With Bids – EXTRACTOR BUT WITHOUT THE ‘E’ …you get it, it’s the thing I said a minute ago. – oh, shit. I like this name 10/10. Cannabis brand. Just promise me if you buy it, you’ll build something cool on it. This name is too good not to be used: close to my heart, but out of my price range–a line from the Domainer’s Lament – Decent newsy type site for Blockchain. The big problem here is that all the big brands mostly already exist. So finding a buyer for this… well, it won’t be quick (probably!) – You get a brand like this when you register the very first name that pops into your head when you’re trying to build a business… – I own and no offers yet. No plans to buy this one, so… good luck to you! – Great soil product name. “Plants keep dying? You need SOILMATE!” No wait, like soul mate. Find your plants their Soil Mate.” Yeah, that’s the one. – Solid brand. Probably not a domain you’ll be able to retire on the sale of. – Nice little brand. Kids brand… pet brand? Not a good funeral home brand, probably. – Not sure what kind of products you can buy at — maybe a surveying company? Travel agency? Kind of a liability in the Time of Covid. – Go. Prize. Go Prize. I dunno what it means… sounds good though! – A lot of products are called Gaters… a John Deere…cart? Boots. Alligators in the deep south… – Business idea–hear me out! You pay money, put on your goggles and safety gear, then walk into the back room. It looks just like your grandma’s kitchen, FULL of very fragile dishes. You grab your sledge hammer and put some Nonpoint on the surround sound and start smashing… sign me up. – is “figure of speech” a figure of speech? (No). – What is this, it sounds rich. I’m in. Flash my Helix card and get into the airport lounge. You have the copper Helix Card? Shame. I’ve got the platinum Helix Card. Much better.

Come One, Come All, Come on Down to the Domain Buffet Express for All You Can Click Domain Names. We got .coms, .info a bit spoiled you can get ’em at a discount! We got more domains than you can click a stick at here at the DOMAIN BUFFET of DOMAIN WITH BIDS EXPRESS EXTRAVAGANZA:

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