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Sedo Gives You The Referrers and Keywords That Brought You Traffic: Are You Using It?

Other than the declining return in parking revenue, one of the major issues with parking domains has always been lack of traffic data.  While you get to see how many uniques, clicks, and origin of the traffic, you couldn’t see what links and keywords brought visitors to those names.  But you can at Sedo.   Not many people realize that if you go to the individual information page of your domain the most popular referring links and the top keywords that brought people are listed.

This information is huge if you are trying to optimize your parking or just figure out the value of your domain.  I’ve been able to target possible end users because I can see the detail of what products or info they are looking for when they come to my domain.  Take my first example below,  I purchased  I purchased the name with the thoughts it would make a nice dropbox type name.  Easy to say and spell.  The Sedo keyword search info says that ironically the hits came from some people looking for thetrunk, a store at the University of Alabama, my alma mater.  I don’t remember the store but it’s been 20 years since I graduated and everything is a little cloudy from those days anyway.  Obviously this would be a perfect end user for this name.  A second example is another name I own,

I bought blue tomatoes because I sell tomato plants and I thought it was a nice fit.  This domain had referral links and keyword info and the data shows there is/was a furniture company of the same line that is the reason behind most of the traffic. It also divides the keywords searched based on country of origin and for bluetomatoes it shows that Italians are looking for snowboards.  Again, good info to know and use if you are looking for possible end users or just good detailed data about the traffic to your domain  It’s data that has always been there just not revealed to you until recently by the major parking platforms.

So if you’re not using the data, you should be.  If you’re only going to make peanuts from parking you might as well take advantage of the data of the visitors to your domains.

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