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Sedo is Now Offering Direct Auctions aka “Anyone Can Put A Domain Up for Auction”

Starting today, Sedo will be allowing anyone that want to auction a name to list and start a domain auction.  Previously they only offered a “push” to auction after someone had placed a bid or had been chosen for a Great Domains auction.  Now for $59 you can use their platform to auction any of your names.

I am assuming its the same 15% commission as all the other services they offer.  No info on how they are going to guarantee that the seller owns the name but I haven’t used the service yet to see the auction process.   Sedo used to be THE place to auction a name. It will be interesting to see if they can get back some of the market

Here are the details

Now, with the new Direct Auction feature, we offer a third option that puts sellers in full control. They  choose the domains that they want to be auctioned off and determine a start time that works for them and their desired minimum bid. This allows for the utmost in convenience, flexibility and pricing control for sellers.  

Sellers can start a Direct Auction for only $59 and will receive the following benefits:

  • Highest level of flexibility: Start your auction any time you want
  • Full control: Choose your desired reserve price
  • Increased reach: Get your own individual auction page link to share with potential buyers
  • Maximum exposure: Featured on Sedo’s homepage & in matching search results

How to start a Direct Auction:

To start a Direct Auction, a seller needs to first list the domains for sale which can be easily done from the ‘My Domains’ menu. After adding the domains that should be sold, sellers can then start their own personal auction with one click on “Promote Domains” below their domain list.

Sellers can choose up to 10 domains per one auction order. The desired reserve price needs to be between $90 and $10,000. After selecting the desired start date and processing their payment, Sedo will send the sellers an individual auction page link, so that they can share their domain auction with potential buyers via Social Media, Blogs, E-Mail, etc.


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  1. What has happened to Sedo’s search function lately? You don’t get the same search results as before. I used to find it really useful but now it pretty much useless.

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