Flippa Recap: NSE.com, NUP.com, HF0.com, 00B.com, Deleting.com, DirectAdvertising.com

Apr 28 2015

Some Domains That Sold Last Week

NSE.com – $50,000 – Bidding was at $25,000 when the BIN was set at $50,000 and then the domain was picked up a short time later. Lots of uses….National Stock Exchange of India (currently on NSEIndia.com), Nigerian Stock Exchange (on NSE.com.ng), National Student Exchange (on NSE.org), and much, much more. Lots of extensions in use. Update: unfortunately, the buyer flaked out on this purchase.

NUP.com – $25,000 – Bidding got up to $22,500 in the auction, and then sold afterwards via negotiation. These two LLL.com follow up on many recent LLL.com sales on the same Flippa platform, including WEE.com for $55,000, VUM.com for $19,000, and FZV.com for $15,000.

DirectAdvertising.com – $7,000 – Based on a look at Archive.org, there was a site live as recently as four months ago (below), but they must have thrown in the towel.

direct advertising

Deleting.com – $6,000 – Estibot says 4,500 searches per month with a low $0.11 CPC and no advertisers.

00B.com – $5,000 – NNL. Great price for more of a collectible name than one that will likely be used by a business. The zero’s and O’s get me confused. Update: unfortunately, the buyer flaked out on this purchase.

Rank.io – $5,000

M4F.com – $4,001 – Included ManForWoman.com, WomanForMan.com, ManForMan.com, and WomanForWoman.com. Based on the auction listing, M4F is a popular acronym in personal ads?

SalesAgents.com – $3,400

WPTutorials.com – $2,987

PCCare.com – $2,900

HowToBeHappy.com – $2,700 – A surprising (to me) 50,000 searches per month for the phrase, per Estibot.

ITAssistant.com – $2,450

Weed.to – $1,550

HF0.com – $1,500 – I hope the buyer realizes they’re getting a LLN.com domain. HFO.com (LLL.com) sold on this same platform recently for $18,100.

Outl.et – $1,500

Bells.org – $1,200 – Discussed as a flop here.

8JU.com – $1,050

ScrapbookingStore.com – $821

BrewingGuide.com – $645

5KQ.com – $580

CreditCardsPlus.com – $540

BinaryOptions.me – $505

SVGJS.com – $500

Bulb.io – $450

Trains.to – $405

ThatsSpiffy.com – $400

WeekPass.com – $400

Bitcoins.sx – $400 – .sx = Sint Maarten

If you missed the recent look forward at future Flippa auctions, including Peppermint.com, Cuddle.com, and MJY.com, you can check that out here.

Some Websites That Sold

  • AllAPK.com – $13,000 – Monthly net profit of $4,500 stated, on uniques of 350,000. “allapk providing all most all android apps APK Files/source file Which Are Free to download in a single Click”
  • FitVapes.com – $8,500 – Monthly net profit of $1,100 stated, on uniques of 3,800. “FitVapes is an electronic cigarette e-commerce store built on the Shopify e-commerce platform and enjoys 35% profit margins.”

Some Domains With Bids That Didn’t Sell

Munchies.com – $30,000

ASZ.com – $14,600

Narrators.com – $1,300

1-0.com – $1,050

Stews.com – $1,000

Cellophane.com – $1,000

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  1. Kevin Fink

    Worst part of my job, but unfortunately NSE.com and 00b.com were bought by the same (fraudulent) buyer and are in the process of being reversed; please note as such. I’ll be personally working with the owner of NSE.com to relist and sell this in the coming weeks.

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