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Halverez Sends Email Admitting He Started 50% of All Auctions at Sedo For Friends

After seeing what seemed like 300 articles about the same subject yesterday I thought I would lighten things up a bit

I am completely making that title up, Sedo is perhaps the most up and up company in the business and like Pool would NEVER have that problem,  but there are plenty of things that go on in the world of domaining that we know are wrong but just happen.   Here are my top five things (in no particular order) that we all do that are probably wrong.  Of course when I say “we” I am not talking about myself just everyone else.  To those that say they’ve never done any of the below, I’ll need your help on my political campaign

1. Get someone else who is not interested in buying your domain to start a Sedo auction for you. As much as I loved, I prayed I didn’t get stuck with it when I helped out a friend

2. Buy a typo and hold it because it makes too much money to let go. It’s not my fault nobody knows how to spell desperatehousewives

3. Lie during negotiations.  The old “I need to know if you’re still interested in buying this domain because someone else wants it” email  or I’ve already been offered 1.2K when you haven’t even been offered 400.  I know , that’s not lying its negotiating

4. When you travel to another part of the country you click on one of your ads. The negative, it’s clickfraud, the positive is I now know how to spell mesothelioma from memory

5. Thought about or run an adult related site.  Legally nothing wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s not something that you talk about when Mom asks you how you make money on the internet.

Now go back to the 30 other articles talking about snapnames

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3 Replies to “Halverez Sends Email Admitting He Started 50% of All Auctions at Sedo For Friends”

    1. Glad you liked it. I really don’t think I have the ability to make the situation any better. Other than actually having morals and trying not to scam people. The title of this article is my only scam of the year

  1. What a cheap way to get hits…

    Lighten up Robert. This industry is full of scams and problems, as is the entire internet. It’s old information and we’ve all known there was something fishy going
    on. The only news is it’s official. Time to move on, look for your rebate check in the mail, and get back to trying to make money with domains

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