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I’m Going to Take On the Weight Loss Category

im too fatWhile sitting at my computer a few years ago I typed out “I’m too fat” and as all domainers do, I checked to see if it was available.  It was how I felt that day and after registering it, I found out that thousands of people feel the same way.  That domain has stayed parked since 2005 making a few dollars each month but sitting in limbo.

The same year I registered the name was the same year I started running (there was another reason but for another story) and I ended up losing 50 pounds. I finished my 10th marathon a few weeks ago and accomplished my goal of qualifying for the Boston marathon and realized I might as well pass on what I’ve learned over the years and see if I can make a little money doing it.

It doesn’t hurt that the weight loss category is a good paying category but the site is not going to be a daily blog as I don’t have time.  It also can’t be about me (my wife says that’s impossible) because I may want to sell it or hire writers. What it will be is another site based on things I know and do every day.  I’ve talked several times about my plant sites but that’s what I do for a living, grow plants.  I take pictures every day of plants, why not catalog them on my sites?   I run 7-10 miles every day, I chose this food over that,  but I am an overeater. I’m too fat is something I understand so why not build a site about it.

No sense going to the site just yet as it’s a “hello world” wordpress landing page right now but it’s next on my list to start working on.  I write this because I see all the blog articles about wasting time reading about this or doing that and it’s why I stick to what I know.  If I’m already doing it, then I don’t have to spend too much time hunting and gathering info. I AM the info and therefore takes a lot less time to create.  I don’t have time or the interest to write articles on student loans or leasing trumpets but I certainly can take all the things that I do in my daily life and put them on a website.  And that’s the beauty of the internet, you build it and they will come, all four hundred pounds of them.

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