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Selling Your Domains on Craigslist?

You don’t see this very often.  A “law firm marketer” in Houston is selling on Craiglist.  Here’s the ad below


Ranked top 10 on many keywords
Ranked in over 30 keywords.
Ranked in google, yahoo, bing and more

some examples

Google examples
mesothelioma average financial settlements page 1 #1
mesothelioma average settlements page 1
Houston mesothelioma lawyer page 4
Houston mesothelioma attorney page 4
Texas mesothelioma lawyer page 5
texas mesothelioma attorney page 6
Dallas mesothelioma attorney page 6
Dallas mesothelioma lawyer page 1

yahoo examples
Houston mesothelioma lawyer page 1 #1
Texas mesothelioma lawyer page 6
Dallas mesothelioma lawyer page 1

bing examples
houston mesothelioma lawyer page 1 #1
texas mesothelioma lawyer page 1
dallas mesothelioma lawyer page 1

Included in price is a top 10 position for “houston mesothelioma lawyer” on google
we will do this when website is transferred to you.
Daily Pageview 140
PageRank 2

price includes
domain name and seo
for sale $6000

It looks like they may have been using their site for actual leads and it really isn’t too bad of a site.  It appraises for a whopping $15 on estibot but you can’t deny the $40 CPC.   You would think that a law firm that had a specialized in mesothelioma would like a site that actually achieved results but obviously they’re not very good marketers if they had to turn to Craiglist

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