SHANE’S BIG LIST: Black Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 29th, 2013

Nov 29 2013

There are those that shop on Black Friday and there are those that have to work on Black Friday.  I am one of the latter.  But I have always been one of those people that prefers to make money more than I like to spend it.  Here are today’s domains and because it’s Black Friday in the US feel free to take 50% the final price of any domain you win at the auctions.  Just put in the code SHANEISLYING to get the discount.  Not sure it would have made a normal day’s list but pretty limited today.  But it is 12 years old and under $25 at press time  No bidders and I thought this was the type of names that domain investors would like  A PR3.  All W domains have some value because they are the call letters of TV and Radio  You’ve heard of BirchBox?  This is a lot better, it’s awesome

Backorder Domains  Means roads in Spanish but has a good use as a brand that has nothing to do with roads.  18 years old  Debt relief which is pretty relevant to the time of year when everyone overspends  No bidders.  Would make a good marketing name for a greeting card or flower delivery company   Because who doesn’t want free money to start something to make money  These used to be gold.  Now they are just good


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