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SHANE’S BIG LIST: TurkeyDay’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 28th, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S.  Happy Thursday to everyone else.  We switched it up this year and instead of going to have dinner with family I am getting together with a bunch of friends and their families.  My wife is happy because she shares in the cooking.  I am happy because I don’t have to spend 75% of my only day off in the car. Enjoy the day everyone. Here are today’s names.  Over 1 million searches a month.  13 years old.  I’m guessing they are not looking for Phil Collins and his bandmates  1994 domain. I assume Acro would like this name. Because it’s Greek and all.   If you want to get some deals you need to be cash ready   Memorable and cheap.  My two favorite things  All good letters.  I would think this should hit $250 or more  Short with a repeating number.   Should do well  Not sure there are really such things but energy drinks don’t really give you energy so why not

Backorder Domains  A ton of bidder but was expected because people love legal domains  I like it a lot but it’s very generic.  So generic it’s almost too generic No bidders.  Great tech name IMO  In case you want to follow along   Means hungry in German.   And thinking of all the food tomorrow makes me exactly that   There is no bigger eRealEstate than domains  The again population of the world are selling their large homes and buying smaller condos  My favorite of the dot up for auction  Curious to see how this one finishes because I have several names just like this one

CAX Domain Deal of the Day   I am seeing more and more people with this each month

NEW: Domain Shane’s Book of 10

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Starting this Friday and every Friday I will be introducing the Domain Shane Book of 10. A list of 10 of my favorite domain names for sale or at an auction ending in near future. Every Friday I will put out the list and it will be featured here. In addition I will be buying a “Featured Post” at the top of every Friday. I will be picking most of the names but for a small fee I will include a few additional names. I will only accept names that I feel would actually sell. No for $500 names. So if you’re looking for eyeballs from the domaining industry for a name you have for sale, please contact me for information and pricing.

Domain Spotlight: