SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 23rd, 2013

Aug 23 2013

I was sitting around the other day with a few guys talking about products that are solid products but marketed to the wrong people and I brought up the topic of  Undoubtedly it’s a good product.  People like easy to email and people like custom things BUT why would a domainer be interested.  I saw him speak at TRAFFIC to domainers.  I see him paying to have articles written about custom songs he’s had written for his users. But unfortunately we are absolutely not his target market and offer no value at all.  We have all the emails we could ever want.  We know how to set up email.  It’s the perfect example of good product ,bad marketing.  I’m sure Yaana Gupta will figure it all out. He seems like a brilliant young man with a solid portfolio.  Here are today’s names

“Confidence is what you feel before you comprehend the situation” (Proverb) 15 years old. Some see bloody feet, I see a decent brand for $20 A domain upgrade for a bunch of companies called premier pool A better three letter dot com than has been coming up at Godaddy lately. 15 years old Already a PR3 in the hot and heavy logo market. 2K backlinks. If you think you can build out with a dot co then this is the kind of name you want. Huge movement right now in this diet. I think it’s awful. The diet, not the name

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD  Last name or Spanish word for something  Good brand.  Easy logo  No bidders on this decent domain sales domain  Because it rhymes and because people love to compare airfare  Great brand and No, you don’t have to sell those silly little hats   If you like exact match then you’ll have to like this one  Apple vacations should buy this one.  They’re the kind of all inclusive

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