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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 22nd, 2013

I think my daughter may do well in business…or go bankrupt.  The other day while we were hiking she was talking what kind of business we could start on Kauai.  I already have a business and have no intention of moving for a while, but it was great to hear her list businesses that are needed on the island and what it would cost to open and how many customers she would have.  Also funny to hear her talk in millions. When I was her age I could only talk in hundreds.  Looking forward to the future to see how this plays out. The only thing better than buying a home on the islands is to have your daughter buy you one.  Here are today’s names.   A little over a day left.  Will sell because it’s already met reserve.  Still cheap IMO 1999 domain. This name has a more general use to it than keys IMO  Starting bid is at $5K but if you have a company that sets up corporations then it’s a great price The obvious is the radio station thing but Ok for Oklahoma make it useful for many other things No bidders for this Australian SCUBA name Short, easy to remember, 11 years old. Worth having for under $50 IMO Not sure what alert you’re going to give live. 11 years old. Add a little SMS text and you’re as live as it gets Good question, common phrase Nice sounding brand. Close to the Australian name Bindy One letter off from love. Some will see this as a CVCV but probably has most value as an acronym Cancer names are always good to have. Cancer, not so much With the explosion of chef and cooking show you would think it would be a good time to be a chef. Not really. Everyone wants to be one and there is an abundance of them. You can have a personal chef for next to nothing. Maybe you could make a site helping people find them.

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD  This is the type of that flies in price.  I hope it goes for $10K plus  Nice as well  Haven’t figured out the dot me completely yet but this one has no bidders  Even Flippa doesn’t want their dot co  No bidders.  Adding the V saves you a few hundred grand   I liked the name and then Googled it and saw there are actually beds with slides on them.  No bidders  Who says I’m not up on fashion?  No bidders


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