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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 27th

I received a few emails yesterday from several different people complaining.  There was the “why do you talk about yourself so much” comment.  Answer: This is my blog.  And the question “You are using leading headlines when you say “Big List” and the list is small.  Answer :  I’m trying to brand my daily post since there are several others and I want mine to be easily identifiable if readers come from an aggregator.  And then it was the “you think you’re awesome, you’re not”  comment.  Answer:  Some days are awesome, some days are not so he/she is right half the time.  And finally there was this Headline that ended with “Dirty Tricks headline Sunday’s Big List” which obviously referred to my new branding and possibly had a little to do with the anonymous hater comments above.  But I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more and then went back to making blueberry muffins.  Just in case somebody really was upset about my small big list I’ve made it bigger today.  Here are the names Not sure if it’s a good name for carrying cases or pet caskets  I can tell you one thing this company WON’T do and that’s make food for flights because they don’t serve any frickin food anymore.  Yeah Yeah, first class has food.  I’m not paying $1000 for 6 extra inches and a $20 meal. 1995 domain  1995 with only two bidders  Surprised to see so little action on this one.  Pretty famous person.  Pretty as in somewhat famous.  One of those memorable names that makes a great brand or site.  Only one bidder on this product domain.  Look it up on Google and you’ll see tons of ads for self tanning gels   Only going to grow with time as people realize that tanning beds will kill them  My little pet name for Timbaland.  We’ve kinda grown apart lately after he started doing steroids. I’m sure I’ll see him at Timberlake’s wedding  Not sure if people are buying waterpumps online but if you believe some people you’ll be fighting Schilling over this dot net.  He’s making a killing in the dot net market.  I used to do this for a living for a very short while.  72 bidders also think this is a great name  Website in the making Facebook Secrets. Evidently there are a couple of other people that had the same idea about a Facebook site Last chance on this one  The old saying is you need the right tool for the job. Here it is, the right tool.  NO bidders  There was a point in time every ad on the Internet seemed to be pushing this   The numerics always get a ton of pre bidders but most don’t actually bid.  But the ones that do have been paying a lot.  This one should be no exception  A few companies that install cement edging already have this name I don’t really get into but I do like this one a lot I like simple and I like nature so therefore….I like this one. Good health food name  Another name and Chinese city that seems to dominate Namejet lately Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

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  1. I think branding your list is a good idea and I don’t think calling it “Big” is deceptive. Hope you got your blueberry muffins recipe from my website 🙂 I just had to comment when you mentioned them.

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