Here Are 10 Domains That I Have Bought and Sold Over the Last 6 Months

Aug 26 2012

I get a ton of email a day asking the same question.  “Are the names on your list the kinds of names that you have successfully bought and sold?”  “What kind of names do you think make the best investment?”  My answers are of course, all opinion and have no proven track record except my experience.  I buy three types of names.  One, garden names that I buy and develop (or plan to) and will not sell.  Two, names that I think I can resell for more than I paid.  Three, names that I think would make a profitable website.  (I almost never ever build them out and have discontinued these types of names)

Today I will show you some names that I have purchased and sold over the last year or so.  I sell these names on Namejet, on the forums, at Godaddy, through Internet Traffic, and a few cases, direct offers.  Here are the names.  Make of them what you will. I have one simple goal with each sale, to make money.  There are names I possibly could have received more but I was happy at the time. I gave an idea of what kind of profit next to the name. I have sold $29,000 worth of names in the past 3 months that are NDAs of which I approximately tripled my money. Here are a few others and when I say broke even it means I put it up for auction and it sold for what I paid for it.  Why I do this is for another article.  Over 5X profit   Same here  Broke even  Doubled money  Tripled money  20% gain  Paid $100 sold for $5K  Broke even  Paid $59, sold for $2200  $400 profit



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  1. Aaron @ early retirement

    Great info!

    Can you share what is the holding period for each domain?

    Frankly some of the brandable domain sales surprise me! Not one that I would ever invest in but it shows why I am still not making money while you are!

  2. Steve

    What’s your GoDaddy approach? Do you normally do a 7-day auction w/ no reserve and just hope you get at least what you paid for it? Also, I thought you’ve mentioned in the past you put names on Sedo a lot and just wait for offers. Do you not do that anymore?

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